What is THE boudoir EXPERIENCE?

If you ask me, this experience is the best way to say "I'm beautiful!"  
There are many interpretations of this type of photography , but the fundamentals should be the same for all: letting you shine your beautiful in the best light possible.


It's for every women who wants a little sparkle in their lives, play dress up for a day and get pampered by professionals who make her look her best for the photos. You can be married or engaged wanting a nice present to your partner, or a girl who just worked her butt off for a few months at bootcamp to get into shape, or the one who's enjoying single life but need s a little confidence boost.

What to wear?

This is the question I hear the most so please don't feel silly at all if you are a little confused or lost regarding this topic! The goal of boudoir photography is to celebrate your unique beauty therefore it doesn't necessarily need to be a show-it-all outfit. I believe showing less is more and always encourage models to bring at least one dress, source a nice underwear set that includes more than just two pieces, because the best part of the shoot is when we style it all and may even mix some pieces. A pair of high heels is a must, preferably black as it goes with most colors, but if you have a favorite pair you want to wear in your photos bring that too!
Accessories are also a key element of the styling which should be considered when planning. Don't worry; I'm here to help along the way and we'll discuss the options during the lead up to your shoot.

What about hair&makeup?

Even if you usually don't spend too much time on your hair&makeup ; yet you'd like to get the best result for your look then professional hair&makeup is a must! It will make your skin look absolutely flawless and you will feel like a supermodel! Creating outstanding facial expressions also require fake eye lashes - this is to enhance your eyes .
I also believe getting your hair done by a professional will take the end result to the next level.
I work with thebest professionals in the beauty industry and all packages include their services.

How long is the session?

Depending on the collection you choose to book, your shoot will go for up to 2hrs. Hair, makeup and the styling session is an additional1.5hr.
Therefore, I recommend you allocate at least 3.5hrs for your shoot, add a little more just in case we run overtime.

What do I get after the photo shoot?

Firstly: the biggest confidence boost of your life!
All collections include pre-consultation before the shoot, professional hair&makeup, styling session, a number of digital files, online image gallery (for 30 days) and some also include an album with images you choose. Oh and of course champagne. :)

I'm a plus size woman, can I still book a shoot?

ABSOLUTELY! I believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,.
You don't need to be a size zero, 6ft tall supermodel type to have a boudoir session; this experience is for ALL women and I would love to have you front of my camera!