We all have flaws and days when we don't feel good about ourselves. Because we are a female team, we do understand that this experience may be a bit out of your comfort zone but we are here to celebrate you. We are here to make you feel the most beautiful girl in the World. Yes. In the whole wide World. Because there's only one of you and she is as amazing as you want to believe she is.

Boudoir photography is the best way to say: "I'M BEAUTIFUL!” - out loud.

Booking a shoot means you are investing in your own confidence, which no other beauty treatment can buy you.

Here at Agi M Photography, we believe that the only surprise you should experience is the gorgeous photos of yourself - therefore we make sure you have some beautiful products to walk away with.

All packages include the following:

// pre-shoot consultation
// location hire
// professional hair and makeup on location
// a glass of French champagne
// a number of digital files
// online image gallery
// styling consultation before your shoot 

Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about.
— Marilyn Monroe