Quality work takes time

I believe that if I want something quick I probably need to lower my expectations on quality.
When you buy your wedding dress you order it months in advance because you know that most dresses are made to order and if you want a perfect looking gown that will hug you all over it will take time for the dress maker to create it for you.

I know it's often a very last minute decision on booking a boudoir shoot as a wedding gift or anniversary gift but remember; if you'd like to present it in a beautiful album you will need to calculate with a little more time. After all, you are buying something very special, something you can't just buy off eBay or get in a shopping mall.
You also want to give yourself time to prepare yourself, get the right outfits and feel you're 100% ready when the shoot day comes. :)

Below is the full rundown of the process from start to finish (in general):

  • You email several photography studios
  • You clarify all your questions with selected photographer
  • You lock in a date with your photographer (giving yourself enough time to prepare, find lingerie, etc)
  • Your photography session
  • Your online/in-person viewing session - approx. 3-7 days after the session
  • Post production of selected photographs - approx. 7 days
  • Final high res and low res files delivered to you
  • Album design and order - same time as final image delivery
  • Album delivered to you approx. 2-3 weeks after album order sent to supplier

As you can see there's a tonne that goes into getting you that gorgeous album. It's generally about 2-6 months for most girls and while it sounds like a lot I can assure you it's certainly a good time frame to plan with.

And don't worry, I'm here to help all along the way, there's a lot of communication before the day of your session because my first and foremost priority if for you to feel like a superstar. ;)

Stay Beautiful,