Something New - Bridal Boudoir

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When I got a call from a client that she'd like to get a bridal boudoir shoot with me I got excited. Then nervous. I had moments when I had a crazy amount of ideas. Then moments when I felt empty. And when the day came and she was there, it was creative fireworks.

Yes; as much as I'm concerned that's the normal cycle of any portrait photographer. (Unless you do the same thing over and over again)BridalBoudoirPrep_091113-web_watermarked_0002

As the shoot was a surprise to her groom I couldn't get her permission to show the images (just yet), but I really wanted some shots as an experiment so I asked the beautiful Nada to come along and be part of the fun.BridalBoudoir_Nada-web_watermarked_0004

We ended up with more beauty than I can possibly show you but here's a handful of my favourites. BridalBoudoir_Nada-web_watermarked_0009 BridalBoudoir_Nada-web_watermarked_0014



The team (Olimpia and Nicola) and I are looking forward to another exciting year and more of these amazing shoots with gorgeous females who let us transform them into something they have never believed they can be.

Stay Beautiful!