Reasons to Shine

What's the most commonly asked question when I talk about my passion for boudoir photography?

"Why would women book such a photo shoot?"

My response is usually something like this: 

"The images/album is a gift for their partner on the wedding day, anniversary or birthday mostly."



However over the years of photographing women I've realised that the reasons are more like excuses, something that will validate the decision in the eyes of society. The pressure to fit in has never been so huge and we need something that justifies the decision when doing something for ourselves. Is it selfish? I argue that; it's looking after ourselves.

Women want to feel beautiful, sexy and confident - in their own skin. 

That's far from selfish - it's called "healthy" and how it should be.

Without anyone's but one's own validation.

I have the perfect example; a beautiful girl, Miss D who I met the first time in April 2014. 

She was shy and quirky and was getting married in a month time. 

Her main reason for booking a boudoir shoot was to give the ultimate wedding gift to her fiancé on their wedding day: a leather album with her beautiful photos in it.


What she's gained was much more and it may surprise you. Keep reading!

This girl not only rocked her session and came out of her shell but also pushed me to be a better photographer. (Thank you for that Miss D! I'm forever grateful for meeting such a beautiful soul.)

She gained an enormous amount of confidence and somehow it was not just about her wedding gift anymore.


[Makeup by Olimpia]

She got married to live happily ever after... For a short time.

Fairy tales aren't real and things don't always work out. 

Sometimes broken wings can't be fixed and you just have to give yourself the chance to be happy again. 

So she went on to create her new happiness.

When she got in touch with me to book another boudoir session at the end of last year I had no idea about how her life turned around but I was excited for her feeling ready to rock another shoot, this time for herself, no one else. (Go Girl!!)


So when people ask me for what reason would a woman want to stand front of my camera in lingerie; you should know, it's never as simple as just creating pretty photographs. There's so much more than what meets the eye.


Being a little bit selfish sometimes and wanting to do something for yourself, to feel powerful, confident and sexy - not to give a damn about what other people think is the feeling every single women deserves! It's healthy and important to love yourself! 


[Hair&Makeup by Sylwia Lukosz]

Miss D is the perfect example of everything I believe in and stand by - a boudoir shoot can help you see not only how beautiful you are on the outside but also helps you bring out the confidence that is in you and should be celebrated.

Before I published this story, I sent the piece to Miss D to read to make sure I'm not sharing too much or put her in any way in an uncomfortable situation. The following was her response:

You have no idea how nice it is to see yourself looking nice when you don’t feel it, it really is the best confidence boost there is! It’s strange how seeing the photos, even though I had done it before, was still both surprising because you can’t believe you look half as good but empowering because it is you and you look good hahaha :-)

Some clients really make me want to shed some happy tears!

Stay Beautiful,


    Boyfriend of the year // Boudoir Shoot with Miss S

    I know a gazillion of girls who look at boudoir photos and their heart says: "I want to do a shoot like this!"And I also know that a lot of them never believe that they could actually look as beautiful as those other girls in the photographs. It makes me sad because I've seen many-many ladies who braved up and just did it anyway, only to then take their own breath away with the photos they saw of themselves.

    The reasons of booking your shoot are endless but sometimes you may not even know that someone else who thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the World; already reserved your spot to shine your most beautiful ;)

    Just before Christmas last year, I've received an email from a guy who wanted to purchase a shoot for his girlfriend as a Christmas gift. I was thrilled and excited (maybe more than him) and declared him "Boyfriend Of The Year" straight away. (C'mon! He totally is! What a gift!) Of course, as nice as it is for us girls to be pampered and transformed into a goddess, let's be honest here: the result of a boudoir shoot is just as enjoyable for our significant other too!

    While it gives YOU an enormous amount of confidence, it will also make your partner fall in love with you all over again... :)

    Thank you Miss S to let me share these beautiful shots of you with the World, I still think that your partner rocks for getting you such an amazing present! :)

    Hair by Ze Flamant Rose Makeup by Leyla Kassim

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    Stay Beautiful,



    Boudoir Shoot with Miss C

    You know those photographers who call themselves "International XYZ Photographer", right?They earned this title by photographing on locations outside of their country of residence, they travel a lot, they have to carry around a LOT of equipment usually, live in hotel rooms and by flight schedules. (All this which I love too by the way) But if you live in a country which is pretty much far far away land from most other countries; you may end up becoming (sort of) and international photographer just by the look of the nationality of your clients.

    Living in Sydney means that I come across all sorts of nationalities and blessed to be able to shoot beauties from all around the World without having to pack my passport. I absolutely love this aspect of my life as a photographer because I see the biggest variety of looks and shapes. It definitely makes a boudoir photographer's work much more exciting!

    A few weeks ago a young German lady got in touch with me to book her shoot. As per usual I recommended her to book it a few weeks in advance - giving herself enough time to prepare. She wanted to book a date in as soon as possible because she felt her absolute best and fittest. Well, you don't mess with the German! If they want something you better give it to them! :)

    She was right and a dream to work with and she looked drop dead gorgeous! Thank you Miss C for letting me share your beautiful images!

    Stay Beautiful!




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