Behind The Scenes Of A Boudoir Shoot // Miss Gy

Let me guess: if you are reading this blog post you are probably one of those girls who's been toying with the idea of booking your boudoir shoot but just can't for the life of you imagine actually doing it. Or at least not until you lose a few kilos, get back into your pre-baby body or get to the gym for at least 5 times a week for a year... Am I right?

Maybe I'm not - which I'm hoping for -, but maybe you just need to see how it works behind the scenes of those pretty pictures.

Well, I have it all for you :) The girl who you see in these pictures was like you. Doubtful of how she would portray on a boudoir shoot, what to wear, how to pose... Then voila! She pulled it off like a pro!

She was pampered before she had to get front of my camera, she was coached by me how to pose and the whole team made sure she was comfortable and had fun the whole time she was with us.

Miss Gy is the perfect example of breaking down barriers in your head and go for what you might have thought doesn't fit your personality. Getting out of your comfort zone can bring you big surprises - and in this case; some gorgeous photos that will forever remind this girl that she is beautiful, JUST THE WAY SHE IS. :)

250814_1971 JSP_1779 JSP_1787 JSP_1809 JSP_1811

Big thank you to Janine Speake Photography for the behind the scenes shots, Gabriella Szabo for the fabulous hair, Stefania Csorba for the stunning makeup and the Brody House for the cool location of this shoot in Budapest, Hungary!

Stay Beautiful xx


Branding Video Launch


Wow! Was this a lot of work to put together.. Was it amazing to do it and see a fantastic outcome I've never even dreamt of..

If you remember, a few months ago I wrote about my excitement of creating something I wanted in a long time. A few of my favourite talents and I got together to film my very first branding video! :)

I really don't know what more to say than THANK YOU all who's been part of my journey to become a photographer, I am grateful for all of those who's been cheering me along and believed in my - even when I didn't believe in myself at times. I would not be here today showing you this video without the people who supported me, friends who helped me in any way and the talented pros who I get to work with on projects like this.

I hope you will enjoy this great little snippet of what we do for women here in Sydney, Australia.

Filming and editing: Imre Somogyi

Makeup: Olimpia Zajac Hair: Nicola Bradley Model: Nada Sefian


Stay Beautiful,


Sun, Beach, California // Boudoir Retreat 2014


If you are following my Facebook page you have seen that it's been inundated with pictures, updates and messages about my recent trip to San Diego, California to the Boudoir Divas Retreat.This trip was one of those that you are dreaming of forever but can't see yourself ever make it happen. How could anyone's dream be travelling all up 24 hours on 3 different flights just to stay for 4 nights, turn back and do the same travelling home?


Yes, I'm the kind of person who: 1. LOOOOOVE to travel (but hate packing) 2. Love to do things that make no sense to most people (just to prove that we should all fight for our dreams because no one else can make them come true) 3. Try everything in my power to make things happen if I really, really want them (even it takes years of waiting - which in this case was about 5)

It was not as crazy at it seems by the way. If you travel often you would just look at it as another airport, another check-in desk, another flight, another serve of plastic food (which I actually like!), another delay (because there will be at least a couple if not more if you take 5 flights return), another smiley flight attendant.

I would also like to add that I find the time spent in the air priceless because this is the only time where my productivity level raise to the max. Where else can you get hours without mobile phone reception, wireless internet and phone calls?! Not many spots left for that in this World guys! Try to embrace the time you get to yourself on planes.

Moving on to the reason of my trip (that I meant to write about before I got totally off topic); I went to San Diego to spend 5 days with the Boudoir Divas and 6 other like minded, passionate boudoir photographers to talk about all things boudoir, shoot styled models and basically learn from who I consider the best in the industry: THE BOUDOIR DIVAS!

The retreat exceeded my wildest expectations; not only the beach house we were staying was amazing, not only I saw the biggest fridge in my life (fully stocked I may add), not only we shot all up 9 gorgeous girls in all shapes and sizes, oh and not only we've been catered with the healthiest and yummiest food but I also made friends with some fantastic girls who I will stay in touch forever for sure! I made a new best friend before I even got to San Diego - what better start I could have asked for!

What I found absolutely priceless that even tho we are all doing the same thing in theory; our photography studios couldn't be run any more differently! It was so good to see the different business models, brainstorm ideas, collaborate and dream together. It just showed me how much more this industry could be if photographers would not be afraid of sharing their knowledge. No one can be good at everything so why not show off what you are best at and hope it will help at least one person? How could anyone "steal" your ideas or "copy" your business when your business represents YOU? You, who is a unique individual therefore no other photographer will be able to do what you do!

I came back to Australia with a huge amount of inspiration, a much clearer head about all aspects boudoir and making new friends.

Tell me how it would have not worth every cent or every hour on the plane?

But because I'm a photographer and not a writer, I may be better off sharing some images that shows what a bunch of amazing women I spent those unforgettable days with and no doubt; a once in a lifetime experience.

Spending an entire day in the Boudoir Divas' studio and see Marissa&Kimberlee in their element was definitely one of the highlight to me!

BoudoirRetreat_Day1_Studio_080414 (63 of 228)

BoudoirRetreat_Day1_Studio_080414 (30 of 228)BoudoirRetreat_Day1_Studio_080414 (28 of 228)

BoudoirRetreat_Day1_Studio_080414 (55 of 228)

The below image shows you how much fun we had while shooting the models in the La Jolla beach house. Krystyn from Flash Photography and Miss Reese from Urban Jungle Photography

BoudoirRetreat_Day1_Studio_080414 (129 of 228)BoudoirRetreat_Day2_House_090414 (27 of 201)

This is what it looks like when you let a few boudoir photographers onto the beach to shoot a beach set. :)

This is Denise from Modern Love Photography and Natasha creating their magic.

BoudoirRetreat_Day2_House_090414 (198 of 201)

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (20 of 216)

This big smile belongs to the sweetest girl I've ever met. Krystyn and I shared a room in the La Jolla beach house and became good friends pretty much straight away. She is a bubbly, inspirational and hardworking girl who owns Flash Photography and I'm blessed to call a friend.

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (48 of 216) BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (73 of 216)BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (80 of 216)BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (173 of 216)BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (201 of 216)

Aren't you just envious of Maggi's husband (Maggi Woo Photography) who was getting a sneak peek of the process of model shooting. Lucky man for sure!

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (212 of 216)

I met Peggy in Las Vegas last year when I booked my shoot with the Divas and Peggy transformed me into something beautiful! I was thrilled to have her with us at the beach shoot. She is a sweetheart and makes me laugh every time I think about the stories she was telling me in Vegas :) Definitely one of my very favourite hair&makeup artists.

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (49 of 216)

I just adore Jennie form Pink Photography firstly because she reminds me of another dear photographer friend but also because I got to spend a little bit of time with her at the end of my trip which was really nice! Check her work out! She built some amazing sets in her new studio since the workshop!

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (110 of 216)BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (113 of 216)

This lady is Natasha and she is not just an amazing photographer but also introduced me to the craziest 20 minute workout I've ever done; Insanity. What better way to start the day than an exhausting workout!?

We've also done a bit of shooting together which was great because I've never shot boudoir with another photographer. It was nice to be able to collaborate and create together.

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (158 of 216)

That moment when all we wanted was a photo of the 2 of us and it ended with Krystyn from Flash Photography getting pushed over by a wave. (Eventho she believes it was me who pushed her! :))

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (115 of 216)BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (135 of 216)

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (139 of 216)

And this is how a pro sets up for a group shot which she wants to be included in :) Amazing sprint, Marissa! :)

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (55 of 216)

And if it was not enough goodness already the Divas surprised us with one last gift pack at the end of the retreat! I can't tell you how much I loved every bit of the time I spent in San Diego! It definitely worth the 5 years wait :)

Big thank you to the whole team at the Boudoir Divas' studio for pulling off such a big project! You guys rock!

BoudoirRetreat_Day3_Beach_100414 (213 of 216)

Stay Beautiful,


The excitement of creation

AgiM Boudoir

I said it before and I will say it again (and no doubt you will hear/read it from me again and again for the rest of my life):I AM SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH SUCH TALENTED PEOPLE!

A few months ago a videographer friend and I started filming something we both thought will be more something along the lines of "Who is Agi", but I think you will need to wait for the answer on that because somewhere along the way we also filmed something that could be called "What are these 3 crazy girls doing that they call boudoir photography shoot?". Well, I thought I'll show some behind the scenes images before the final clip is revealed :)

And the girls I'm talking about, they really are amazing at what they do! I love the dynamics of it all and I'm grateful for them because I know I'm not always easy to handle when I'm feeling under pressure :) (Thank you Nic&Olimpia to stick with me on this crazy ride!)

Fabulous Boudoir Team


As we all find it quiet challenging to make women understand what we provide, we decided to film one of our crazy days of working on a boudoir session together.

It started with me talking about why I believe in boudoir and what it means to me when I see a client fall in love with their images.

AgiM Photography


While this man, behind the camera filmed it all and did an amazing job working around us, with the model and put up with me at the end of the day still; even tough we were both falling apart by then.



Nicola, the fabulous hairstylist from London is the coolest chick you would ever meet which is why I was so surprised when she was nervous about talking to the camera :) I think that watching Olimpia (which is the moment captured below) made her more comfortable because what I saw in the final clip is showing nothing but passion for her craft!

Nicola Hairstylist


While Nic could not wait to be over and done with her part in the video, Olimpia did such a great job and I can't wait to show you what to expect from these 2 girls, because (I may be bias, but) I think they are IT. If someone can make you look the best version of gorgeous yourself than these are the 2 ladies I believe will do it! They are not only extremely good at their jobs but also know how to ease the nerves of those clients who walk in feeling nervous before their shoot.

Olimpia Makeup


Today, I saw the almost-final version of this film which I think all of us will be very proud of. I admit; I even got a little bit teary and it also made me realise how important it is to have a team to work with you on your dreams and goals, a team who truly understands each other and push you forward when you get stuck. Also a big shout out to the beautiful Nada who is starring in this film - I just love to work with you girl!

Nada Sefian

The film is going to be 100% finished very soon and I can't wait to share it with the World! :)

Till then…

Stay Beautiful!