The excitement of creation

AgiM Boudoir

I said it before and I will say it again (and no doubt you will hear/read it from me again and again for the rest of my life):I AM SO FORTUNATE TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH SUCH TALENTED PEOPLE!

A few months ago a videographer friend and I started filming something we both thought will be more something along the lines of "Who is Agi", but I think you will need to wait for the answer on that because somewhere along the way we also filmed something that could be called "What are these 3 crazy girls doing that they call boudoir photography shoot?". Well, I thought I'll show some behind the scenes images before the final clip is revealed :)

And the girls I'm talking about, they really are amazing at what they do! I love the dynamics of it all and I'm grateful for them because I know I'm not always easy to handle when I'm feeling under pressure :) (Thank you Nic&Olimpia to stick with me on this crazy ride!)

Fabulous Boudoir Team


As we all find it quiet challenging to make women understand what we provide, we decided to film one of our crazy days of working on a boudoir session together.

It started with me talking about why I believe in boudoir and what it means to me when I see a client fall in love with their images.

AgiM Photography


While this man, behind the camera filmed it all and did an amazing job working around us, with the model and put up with me at the end of the day still; even tough we were both falling apart by then.



Nicola, the fabulous hairstylist from London is the coolest chick you would ever meet which is why I was so surprised when she was nervous about talking to the camera :) I think that watching Olimpia (which is the moment captured below) made her more comfortable because what I saw in the final clip is showing nothing but passion for her craft!

Nicola Hairstylist


While Nic could not wait to be over and done with her part in the video, Olimpia did such a great job and I can't wait to show you what to expect from these 2 girls, because (I may be bias, but) I think they are IT. If someone can make you look the best version of gorgeous yourself than these are the 2 ladies I believe will do it! They are not only extremely good at their jobs but also know how to ease the nerves of those clients who walk in feeling nervous before their shoot.

Olimpia Makeup


Today, I saw the almost-final version of this film which I think all of us will be very proud of. I admit; I even got a little bit teary and it also made me realise how important it is to have a team to work with you on your dreams and goals, a team who truly understands each other and push you forward when you get stuck. Also a big shout out to the beautiful Nada who is starring in this film - I just love to work with you girl!

Nada Sefian

The film is going to be 100% finished very soon and I can't wait to share it with the World! :)

Till then…

Stay Beautiful!


Agi Magyar

Adelaide based boudoir photographer in sunny Australia - destination boudoir is the new black :)