Happy Hump Day!

You know that feeling when you find a girl who's values, beliefs, views resonate with you so much that you feel like you really should be BFFs?

The other day I got home and there was a book on my desk with a little note from my boyfriend, encouraging me to never give up on my dreams. (Yes, I had a weak moment that day and was a bit down)
The title of the book was #GIRLBOSS - needless to say it was love at first sight even before I turned the pages.


After reading only the first chapter, I have to admit: I got a major girl crush on the writer Sophia Amoruso! She is not only the founder of the online clothing store giant; Nasty Gal but also the woman who we all want to be BFFs with! 

She created a World where it's encouraged to be yourself, to wear what makes you feel bad ass hot without necessarily following all the latest trends from the fashion magazines and I love it! I've been chanting about the importance of confidence and how my boudoir photography experience is a kick butt to your confidence - without being one of the stereotypes, without being a supermodel, without being anything but you - so I was glued to this book till I finished it. I lovelovelove that there's someone who has built a whole community of women around the same idea.

If you need a good weekend read, go and get a copy of #GIRLBOSS as it could be the first step towards taking your self esteem to Wonder Woman confidence level!

Enjoy and never ever change who you truly are!

The World needs more honesty and less pretentious BS!

Stay Beautiful,


Agi Magyar

Adelaide based boudoir photographer in sunny Australia - destination boudoir is the new black :)