The Thing About Motivational Quotes

We all know those very meaningful, light bulb moment kind of motivational quotes, right? They are great and I'm a big fan of them too, but...

About that. 

I really love them. I have my favourites printed and stuck on my pin board in my office - the rest are safely stored on my equally important Pinterest page.

Let me tell you a little secret about these powerful little notes: the fact that just having these posted everywhere will not make you any more productive, successful or goal oriented unless you actually do something about your said goals.

I gave up my day job and moved states in a matter of 2 months (while I was already living in a different country to where I'm from) and it's been a true eye opener.

I truly believe in what I do, I am 110% passionate about making women feel more confident and strong however let's be honest: just being passionate about something will not get your business rolling! You need to take action!

Make sure that if you find what you love; you really, truly give all of you for that one thing. Wake up, kick ass - even when you feel no movement, no progress, none of the shiny outcomes that all those motivational quotes are promising you on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Still weak up. And kick that ass. And repeat!

Making your dreams come true will be hard work. So put your big girl pants on and get dirty because while there is a shiny prize waiting for you at the end; it will not be yours without putting in all that it takes to get it.

Pep talk over.

Have a fabulous Monday!

Stay Beautiful!


Agi Magyar

Adelaide based boudoir photographer in sunny Australia - destination boudoir is the new black :)